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We offer quality and professional editing services and work in various formats – manuscripts, academic theses and dissertations, business documents, websites, blurbs, marketing matter and training material.

Our passion for all word matters and our professional editing services include: quality editing, proofreading and perfecting. Our focus is on style, content, grammar, language, spelling, punctuation, writing, layout, formatting … every detail matters to us!

  • Development editing – structures the content to present it correctly and to make it flow. It may require a total rewrite or reorganisation. This is done prior to line editing.


  • Manuscript, copy-editing or line editing – ensures the language is consistent and correct; improves content, organisation, tone, scope, length. The content may require rephrasing to eliminate ambiguity, for smoothness, tightening, reorganising, simplifying and a final polish. Tables, graphs and pictures are also formatted here.

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We turn your work into excellence by catching errors, imperfections and inconsistencies.


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